Kingdom of Netherlands / Dutch Caribbean


Language English, Dutch and Papiamento
Local Time
Currency US Dollar (USD), Aruban Florin (AWG)

One Happy Island

Aruba is a Dutch Caribbean island being part of the of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. We are in the south Caribbean, just few miles north of Venezuela and more than 600 miles east of the Lesser Antilles.

Immersed in the heat of a turquoise sea and refreshed by the trade winds, Aruba is constantly kissed by the sun with soft white sand beaches, bucolic national parks and rocky coasts.

Aruba’s strategic location and wonderful landscape make it one of the most popular Caribbean destinations. Thanks to its nature and its people, the island reserves a wide variety of activities for all the kinds of tourism. Backed by the fact that over 1.2 million tourists visit the small island every year, cruisers can choose how to spend their time based on any interest.

What to see & what to do

Trade Winds from the eastern sector are blowing at all times and territory changes consistently from coast to coast. The west is the shallower side where to find the famous sandy and warm beaches. Rocky and windy spots on the other side reserve great landscapes of rare beauty.


Baby Beach

35 min by car from the Cruise Port. Located on the south part of Aruba, this beach is a quiet and easy solution, thanks to the sheltered and shallow waters. Perfect for families.

Boca Keto

30 min by car from the cruise port. Reach Daimari Beach and park your vehicle. Walk with the sea on your left. You will arrive to a huge rock sitting in the middle of the cove. It’s Kleine Aruba (Little Aruba), called as such since it is shaped like Aruba. The beach to the left is called Boca Keto, and to the right, Boca Fluit.

Eagle Beach

10 min by car from the Cruise Port. Eagle Beach is the largest and most famous beach in Aruba. It has a huge stretch of beautiful white sands with clearer blue waters. This beach is certainly one of the best places for those who want to spend their time on the beach. It is located not far from the cruise terminal, located just 2 miles away. A large parking area is available and the abundance of the photogenic Divi Trees here gives widely shaded areas.

Manchebo Beach

10 min by car from the Cruise Port. This is a small section on the south part of Eagle Beach. It’s one of the wider beach on the island and it’s very quiet, due to the banned water sports. If you are seeking for relaxation and nature this is the best option.

Palm Beach

15 min by car from the Cruise Port. Palm Beach is surrounded by palm trees, hotels, casinos, water sports areas, piers, beach bars, tasty restaurants and cozy shops. Calm and warm waters make this beach a comfortable refuge for swimmers and even snorkelers.

Rodger’s Beach

35 min by car from the Cruise Port. Rodger beach offers crystal clear and sparkling water. It’s a small white and dusty strip near the famous Baby Beach, but it has a more real atmosphere as the fishermen dock here with their colorful boats, protected by the placid waters of the bay.

Park & Landmarks

Blackstone Beach

30 min by car from the cruise port. Drive your own ATVs along desert-like landscapes. You’ll arrive where erosion by the water not only created black pebbles, but also rather sharp and edgy rocks that both characterize this location. Swimming and snorkelling are not recommended activities.

Boca Keto

30 min by car from the cruise port. Reach Daimari Beach and park your vehicle. Walk with the sea on your left. You will arrive to a huge rock sitting in the middle of the cove. It’s Kleine Aruba (Little Aruba), called as such since it is shaped like Aruba. The beach to the left is called Boca Keto, and to the right, Boca Fluit.

Natural Pool “Conchi”

30 min car from the cruise port. Known in Papiamento as Conchi, this shell-shaped pool is surrounded by a large barrier of lava rocks that greet crashing waves from the Caribbean Sea. It's part of Arikok National Park.

Quadirikiri Cave

40 min by car from the cruise port. The most visited and known among the numerous small limestone caves along the northern coast within the Arikok National Park, the Guadirikiri (also know as Quadirikiri) Cave is famous for the rays of natural sunlight that filters through the limestone holes scattered throughout the cave.


Arashi Beach

20 min by car from the cruise port. This beach is the last going north, close to California Lighthouse. Colorful fishes are populating its water, together with hard, soft and fan corals. With its sandy beach it's a great compromise for reef lovers and sand addicted.

Catalina Cove

20 min by car from the cruise port. Located on the North, is part of Malmok beach. Its warm waters are full of marine life. But among all, this maybe the best place to spot and swimming with Turtles.

Malmok Beach

20min by car from the cruise port. The coastline here is rocky, with small coral bays and plenty of colorful fish. There is also the wreck of Antilla, a WWII German freighter.

Mangel Halto

15 min by car from the Cruise Port. This beach is very unique. Just pass through a tunnel into the the mangroves to find yourself into unreal turquoise water. Mangel Halto is considered by many the best snorkelling point on the island, but it’s an advanced level spot. Make sure to not to be alone because currents can be strong. Anyway group tours are organized, giving the opportunity to visit the area also to beginners. The place is not signposted, so make sure to use a map or be guided.

Tres Trapi Steps

20 min by car from the cruise port. Next to Catalina Cove. Climb easily the rock carved stairs and swim right from them. You are going to find sea stars.

Animal Encounter

Find Turtles and Sea Stars in Boca Catalina

20 min by car from the Cruise Port. Catalina Cove (for locals Boca Catalina) is one of the best beach and also one of the best spot if it comes to snorkeling with turtles in Aruba. Located in a residential area, Boca Catalina is not a long beach. It’s mainly sandy but getting rocky as well. Turtle can be spotted more by the seaweed covered area. You need to swim a bit over the buoys. Many sea stars usually are found in front of the big white house with the anchor in the front yard.

Horseback riding in Arikok

Many “Rancho” places are available in the island. Just check for excursion available from onboard excursion providers or search for tour operators right out of the terminal. You will ride through Arikok National Park for picture-postcard views of the island.

On the beach with Flamingos

This experience is available on Renaissance Island, Adult only private spot which can be reached from the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino (5 minutes from the cruise port). In less than 10 minutes boat ride, you will reach this destination for a perfect day. Don’t be scared when you will spot also iguanas!


Atlantis Submarines Aruba

550 mt. far from the Cruise Port. Have fun discovering the depths of the Caribbean. About 5 miles from the southeast coast of Aruba, you will board the Atlantis VI submarine for a fantastic dive to explore the underwater world of the Caribbean Sea. During the tour, you'll have the chance to see exotic marine life and the wrecks mysteriously sunk in the waters surrounding the island, all while diving down to depths of up to 130 feet.

Butterfly farm

15 min car from the cruise port. A fun diversion for both children and adults is the Butterfly Farm, located on Palm Beach. The Butterfly Farm is a huge, enclosed tropical garden, home to hundreds of beautiful butterflies.

History & Culture

The Archeological Museum of Aruba

10 Min by walk from the Cruise Port. The oldest part of Aruba's historical and cultural heritage is exhibited in the Aruba Archaeological Museum. The permanent collection offers visitors to the museum a hint of the early periods of the island's history and prehistory.

The Historical Museum of Aruba

10 Min by walk from the Cruise Port. The Museo Historico Arubano is housed in the oldest buildings in Aruba, the Fort Zoutman and the Willem III Tower. Both are protected monuments since 2011 and testify to the rich and ancient history and prosperity of the capital of Aruba, Oranjestad.


Divi Aruba All Inclusive

10 Min by car from the Cruise Port. This all-inclusive Caribbean resort, located on the Divi Beach, has everything you need to have fun and reinvigorate yourself. Dive into the adventure with selected water sports, including snorkeling, beginner windsurfing and catamaran sailing.

Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino

15 Min by car from the Cruise Port. Guests can enjoy unrivaled services such as the Eforea spa on the beach, excellent dining alternatives, water sports such as diving, snorkeling and sailing. The family-friendly resort also offers a kids' club and a fun-filled activity program.

Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino

10 Min by walk from the Cruise Port. Enjoy relaxation at Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino. Located very close to the cruise terminal, the resort offers access to the private Renaissance Island, home of the very famous Flamingo beach.


Walking Tour of Oranjestad

Walk just outside of the Cruise terminal and you will find yourself at Oranjestad downtown, the Aruba's capital. It is a beautiful city that looks like a small tropical version of Amsterdam. This wonderful city is to be explored absolutely on foot. The city's large streets are lined with pastel-colored Dutch colonial-style houses. These houses are also home to tasty bakeries, coffee shops and restaurants.


Royal Plaza and Seaport Village Mall

Walking 5 minutes across the street from the terminal, there are hot spots for unique jewelry and famous designer clothing stores. In the heart of Oranjestad are Benetton, The Sting, Mango, Lucor Jewelers, Artistic Boutique and many others. Handicrafts at Vibes Aruba has a wide selection of locally made and uniquely Aruban collectors' gift items, such as handmade driftwood candles and paintings and artwork from local artists.

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Aruba has the average Caribbean weather, so it’s generally sunny and warm. The dry season is between December and April: this is the best time to sail in terms of weather conditions, with mostly clear sky and sunny days. From May to November is instead the wet season. Scattered showers and cloudy days are more likely to happen. Fortunately Aruba is usually not affected by big storms during the hurricane season.

Dry season

Dry season

From December to April, mostly sunny and fresh. The best period to sail in Caribbean. Having a flat territory and being exposed to the trade winds, Aruba is always windy and with comfortable temperatures.

87°F 70°F

Wet season

Wet season

From May to November, warmer season with more frequent rains. From July till September Hurricanes are not usually a problem for Aruba, which remain out of their track.

90°F 77°F

Good to know


  1. Clothing Casual summer wear can be worn during the day any time of the year; but be sure to bring a jacket or sweater for cooler evenings from December to March.
  2. Water Shoes Bring them if you go to swim or snorkel. Some of the water can be rocky after you walk from the beach.
  3. Sundries For convenience and cost concerns, bring your own everyday health and beauty products with you. If you head to the beach, bring your onboard towel
  4. Port Regulation Be aware that often in port it's forbidden to take off the ship fruits, vegetables and unsealed food items for local agricolture concern.
  5. Time Zone AST (Atlantic Standard Time) UTC/GMT -4 hours. Make sure to keep the ship's time on your clock to come back board on time. Be aware of automatic changes of your smartphones.
  6. Currency As for money, the official Aruba currency is the Aruban florin, but the U.S. dollar is widely accepted throughout the island.


Most of the cruise companies choose the island as a regular port of call in the Caribbean. Some of these companies stop at the port all year, while others arrive only in certain seasons.

The port of Aruba is a short walk from the capital Oranjestad, which offers great shopping experience, authentic restaurants and pastel-colored architecture.

Cruise Aida Perla docked at Oranjestad cruise terminal, Aruba.


You can explore the traditions of Dutch roots and the Caribbean charm that distinguish Aruba and its welcoming people. Or, if you are looking for adventures in nature, you can take a trip to visit the white beaches, the immaculate sea and the unforgettable natural wonders that make Aruba the Happy Island.

The port of Aruba is strategically located in Oranjestad, within walking distance of restaurants and shops. You can decide to participate in a trip to explore the nature of the happy island, or enjoying a taste of the local Aruban atmosphere.



The Aruban streets are safe and quite modern. You can rent a vehicle near the Cruise Port to be free to move along the island and discover its natural treasures.

If you prefer taxis and tour transportation like buses, they are available as you walk out from the terminal. Many local guides are offering trips with their own vans. You can pick a destination and decide at what time they have to take you back to the Port.

Lastly, the capital is right behind the corner and it offers many attractions for those wondering just to have a walk.

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