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Our Mission

Guiding you through Cruise destinations

The most likely questions before starting any vacation is: where to go, what to do? When it gets to cruise, Cruisando wanna help to get you the answer, discovering and choosing destinations.

Filtering and gathering information around the web can take considerable time, cause stress and confusion.
Therefore we felt the need to design the first platform focused entirely on Destinations contents. All information about places, activities and tips are available quickly and up to your preferences.

We look forward to being the tool to plan your cruise or to better know where you are sailing next!


Our Team

Cruise travel lovers.

Who can understand cruise travelers, better than cruise addicted?

We always missed a travel guide tailored specifically to explore cruise ports. And we truly believe this can be an useful tool for everybody traveling by sea.

We just started and yet many information are missing. Give us some time or contact us if you think you can contribute to this project to grow!

Would you like to contribute to our project?

Would you like to contribute to our project?

Contact us If you'd love to give your contribution to improve Cruisando, sharing experiences, pictures, videos, articles and more!

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